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Dr. Chelsea Wallace

Dr. Wallace is a native Alabamian, having grown up in Florence and finishing her undergrad right here in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama—where she graduated Summa cum laude. She then went on to finish medical school at the UAB School of Medicine, where she also graduated Summa cum laude, and completed her Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Wallace has always enjoyed working with women and helping them achieve their best selves. Shortly after moving back to Alabama, Dr. Wallace decided to open her own practice that puts patients first.  With family from the area, children in the school system, and a deep love for the community since her undergrad days—she decided to open her practice in Tuscaloosa and give the area the plastic surgery experience it deserves.

Her mission for Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is to provide patients with expert care in a compassionate, comfortable environment. Dr. Wallace firmly believes that patients deserve to be treated with expert care without pressure or gimmicky sales. When patients visit Indian Hills, she wants them to know that our team is here with the skills and experience to help make their lives better.

Dr. Wallace is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tuscaloosa. When she’s not at work, Dr. Wallace enjoys hanging out with her husband and daughters, cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide, and listening to live music. She’s also an advisor for the Phi Mu sorority at the University of Alabama.

Our Process



The first step is a consultation. You’ll meet with Dr. Wallace to discuss your concerns and goals for treatment. She will listen to your concerns, ask you follow-up questions, and explain the procedure(s) you’re interested in. Ask us any questions you have, too! You’re the focus of this appointment, so we want to make sure you feel informed and confident. Also, when you come to us, you can have as many consultation appointments as you need to feel secure in your decision.


The Procedure

When you arrive for your procedure, you can ask any last minute questions and Dr. Wallace will go over the procedure and post-care information with you. Before we begin, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and ready.



Everyone’s recovery journey is different. That’s why Dr. Wallace sees patients on multiple different occasions in the first year of getting their surgery. Our team cares about ensuring you’re healing at a healthy pace and you’re happy with your results.


What You Can Expect From Us

As a female plastic surgeon in Tuscaloosa, Dr. Wallace strives to help our patients feel as comfortable and at-ease as possible. Here’s what you can expect from us throughout the consultation, procedure, and recovery processes. 

Individualized Care

When you come to us for your aesthetic or surgical needs, you can expect to be treated like the unique individual you are. Our team will listen to your concerns, experiences, and goals so that we can understand the full picture. You’ll never find cookie-cutter treatments with us; each individual surgical procedure and aesthetic treatment is tailored to the individual. You can feel secure knowing that your treatment was made for you—to meet your goals and no one else’s!

Comprehensive Ongoing Care

Another part of our patient-centered individualized care process is the element of ongoing care. As a board-certified female plastic surgeon in Tuscaloosa, Dr. Wallace always provides accessible post-treatment care. This looks like follow-up appointments and phone call check-ins at no cost. A smooth and healthy recovery is a vital part of plastic surgery. Dr. Wallace sees every surgical patient she has multiple times in the first year of their surgery to ensure a healthy healing process. 

Education and Transparency 

Every member of our practice believes in the power of education, authenticity, and transparency in all aspects of life. Plastic surgery is a big decision; we won’t tiptoe around that. As experts in the field, we’ll pass along all the education you need before making such a big decision. Pricing, the surgical procedure, scarring, recovery—we’ll never hide or underplay any of it. Sometimes, this transparency may show up in the form of our team choosing not to offer a patient surgery. No matter what, we’ll always be open and honest about our reasonings if this happens to be the case. 

How You’ll Feel at Our Practice

From the very first point of contact to when you walk through the doors of our practice, you will feel safe, heard, cared for, and like we have your best interest in our minds and hearts—because we do! When you come see us for the first time, you have the floor to tell us what you need. This appointment and the whole process is about you. You will feel like the focal point of our practice because you are. If we do our job right creating a judgment-free, safe space, you’ll have no problem sharing your story with us.  

Non-Surgical Aesthetics 

Plastic surgery may be a part of our practice’s name, but we offer much more than that! We have non-surgical aesthetics like Botox, filler, and medical-grade skincare for all of your preventative and corrective skin needs.

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    plastic surgery & aesthetics
    plastic surgery & aesthetics

Our Approach

Committing to an aesthetic treatment is an important decision, and Dr. Wallace and her team believe in respecting that decision. Our plastic surgery center in Tuscaloosa does this by delivering compassionate care, comprehensive treatment education, and exceptional results for all patients.

Our Approach

Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

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