Smooth Away the Signs of Aging

Our facial expressions help us tell our stories. Unfortunately, they also lead to lines and wrinkles as we age. While these changes can make us feel older, Botox in Tuscaloosa can quickly reverse those feelings! Indian Hills Plastic Surgery offers this non-surgical aesthetic treatment for any patient looking to reverse signs of aging or prevent them altogether.

What’s the Difference Between Botox & Fillers?

One of the most common questions patients from across Alabama ask is about the difference between Botox and filler. Both are similar in that they involve using injectable formulas to reverse common signs of aging. However, while dermal filler helps restore lost tissue volume, Botox is what’s known as a non-surgical neuromodulator that actually targets your muscles.

A neuromodulator is a highly scientific formula that’s designed to block the transmission of nerves to your facial muscles. Over time, this relaxes the muscles in your face and smooths out existing wrinkles!

    botox in tuscaloosa
    botox in tuscaloosa

Our Approach

Committing to an aesthetic treatment is an important decision, and the team at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery believes in respecting that decision. Our plastic surgery center in Tuscaloosa does this by delivering compassionate care, comprehensive treatment education, and exceptional results for all patients.

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Pricing at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery

The cost of non-surgical aesthetic treatments or plastic surgery in Tuscaloosa shouldn’t be a mystery. Transparency matters, and we believe patients should know beforehand how certain procedures will impact them financially.

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Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

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