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Your Ideal Alopecia Treatment in Tuscaloosa

If you’re part of the over 6 million Americans living with alopecia, a fuller head of hair can feel like a dream that’s so far away. But if you’re tired of dreaming about a day without bald spots and hair loss, it’s time to make your dream a reality! 

Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is here to help people just like you with clinically proven alopecia treatments in Tuscaloosa. Get to the root of your hair loss and build your customized plan with our trusted specialists.

The Roots of Your Concerns

Everyone’s battle with alopecia is unique, which is why understanding the root causes of your hair loss is crucial. In a one-on-one consultation at Indian Hills, we’ll discuss everything from your family life and work, to your diet and deepest concerns.

Hair loss is a very personal thing, which is why we blend our professional analysis with a personal touch for every patient we help. As we get to know you on a personal and clinical level, we’ll custom tailor your alopecia treatment in Tuscaloosa to your unique concerns. These are the most common causes of alopecia we see every day:


If your mom or dad struggled with hair loss, alopecia is in your genes! Studies show an increased risk of hereditary alopecia several times higher than people without genetic predispositions. Several genetic factors that lead to hair loss include the HLA gene cluster on chromosome 6. Treating genetically related alopecia isn’t easy, but with expert guidance and advanced options at Indian Hills, a fuller scalp is within reach!


When your body is fighting off illnesses, your hair is usually the first thing to go. This is evident in people fighting cancer or other serious illnesses. Additionally, a relatively rare form of hair loss, known as alopecia areata, is caused by an autoimmune response that limits hair growth. 

Our options for alopecia treatment in Tuscaloosa fight back these illnesses using vital nutrients your body needs for proper hair growth. Learn about our vitamins for hair growth in our related article!

Vitamins for Hair Growth  


We also address the elephant in the room when it comes to your hair loss. Does your boss, your boo, or your kids make you want to pull your hair out? If so, that stress may actually be affecting your natural hair growth! While meditation is always a good place to start, our specialists aren’t that kind of doctor. Here are the two main sources of stress our recommendations help to manage:


Ponytails, tight buns, and hats can all put undue stress on your scalp, which can lead to alopecia. Over time, your scalp may naturally lose the ability to grow hair if it’s too stressed out! To restore the health of your hair, we may recommend light therapy, PRP, a transplant, or a combination of all three!


Stress can take a toll on your internal health as well. Internal stresses caused by hormonal imbalances or improper nutrition can lead to balding and thinning throughout the scalp. To counteract internal stresses, we recommend Nutrafol to regulate hormones and manage nutrients. 

Talking It Over

With a clear understanding of the core causes of your hair loss, we’ll work with you to design a customized alopecia treatment in Tuscaloosa. While some options may work for others, they may not be the best for your biology or your lifestyle. That’s why we discuss your options based on everything that makes you unique! 


At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment plan. That’s why every journey to a fuller scalp starts with an in-depth consultation. To discuss your treatment options in person, give us a call!

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How We Treat Alopecia

If you’ve been looking for hair loss treatments for a while, you’re probably tired of snake oil salesmen and quick fixes. We are too! That’s why Indian Hills Plastic Surgery only recommends options backed by decades of clinical study and development. Our treatments for alopecia in Tuscaloosa are carefully curated by Dr. Chelsea Wallace to ensure natural, lasting results. Say goodbye to the salesmen, and hello to your real hair with these clinically proven options!


While many pills claim to reverse hair loss, very few of them are as clinically proven as Nutrafol. Through years of research and development, this nutraceutical is revolutionizing the way people approach hair loss. This is one of our most common treatments for alopecia in Tuscaloosa, because it builds the natural biology that healthy hair needs! 


What’s Inside That Counts

We recommend Nutrafol to build healthy hair using your natural biology! With 5 potent formulas, Nutrafol addresses common nutrient deficiencies and biological imbalances that lead to hair loss. Each compound is designed to address concerns throughout your body that no other alopecia treatment in Tuscaloosa can!


The stress hormone, cortisol, can cause premature hair loss and poor nutrient absorption. Using the power of holistically sourced ashwagandha, Nutrafol’s Synergen complex balances stress hormones.


Your metabolism is in charge of how your body receives nutrients and regulates cell turnover from your toes to your hair! To empower your metabolism, Nutrafol uses curcumin to jumpstart your antioxidant production and support healthy metabolic function.


Believe it or not, your gut and hair are closely related! When your microbiome isn’t working properly, your hair doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to grow. That’s why Nutrafol’s compounds include collagen peptides, vitamins, and minerals designed to regulate your gut health!


Over time, your body can experience hormone changes in many different ways. This can make your body more sensitive to DHT (the hair killer hormone). Nutrafol includes saw palmetto to limit the production of DHT and support a healthy hormone balance.


As we age, collagen and elastin production can slow down. With less collagen, your scalp can lose its strength and struggle to hold onto hair. To improve your collagen and elastin, Nutrafol uses marine collagen peptides and vitamin D to reduce hair damage. 


Pollution, UV rays, and other environmental factors can lead to diminished hair health. To make sure your hair doesn’t become a product of its environment, Nutrafol includes a specially concentrated form of vitamin E known as tocotrienol complex.

With so many nutraceuticals packed in one little pill, Nutrafol is one of our top recommendations for alopecia treatments in Tuscaloosa. But sometimes our patients need a treatment with a little extra oomph to make their hair dreams a reality. This is where our clinical experience meets the most advanced aesthetic technology available!

NeoGraft Hair Transplant

The most advanced hair transplant solution is at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery! Hair transplant techniques have been around for decades, but NeoGraft is revolutionizing the industry with a totally unique approach.


This device uses a fully automatic follicular unit extraction (FUE) and implantation method to precisely redistribute healthy hair throughout your scalp. Without the inefficiencies of manual extraction, NeoGraft ensures the most effective hair restoration while remaining virtually painless!

Your Hair Reborn

By replacing each individual hair follicle, NeoGraft is one of the most customizable alopecia treatments in Tuscaloosa! Your number of sessions and session length will vary depending on your specific needs. But every treatment includes the same 3 simple steps.

  • Planning

Before we begin, we’ll plan out the specific areas where we’ll be extracting healthy follicles. Due to the unique extraction process, NeoGraft eliminates unsightly strips other transplants leave behind. If you need transplants in multiple sections of your scalp, we’ll plan out your areas for placement and talk about follow-up sessions.

  • Extraction

The NeoGraft process begins with precise extraction of thousands of healthy hair follicles. This typically comes from areas around the back of your head and neck. We limit the number of extractions to prevent possible thinning and discomfort. 

  • Placement

Finally, the NeoGraft applicator precisely places each follicle into the scalp. This applicator places thousands of follicles every minute, making your treatment just as quick as it is painless! 

Typical recovery time after this treatment is less than two weeks. To ensure total results, we recommend treating your hair with care by sticking to gentle cleansers and avoiding stress on your scalp. Since everyone’s hair restoration journey is unique, our specialists will stick with you every step of the way with any necessary follow-ups and additional recommendations! 

Trusted Hair Restoration Experts

Dr. Chelsea Wallace draws from her experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon to build the future of aesthetics in Alabama. Her years of study and experience are what make Indian Hills Plastic Surgery an experience, unlike any medspa in the world! From the moment you’re greeted by our friendly staff, you’ll see why so many people have trusted our experts with their treatment for alopecia in Tuscaloosa.


Live the Fuller Life!

It’s time to stop dreaming about fuller, luscious locks and finally make that dream a reality! To get started, schedule your in-person consultation in just a few clicks. If you’d like to see what else Indian Hills Plastic Surgery has to offer, get matched with the right options for you by using our procedure match tool!

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