The Future Is Natural

Losing your hair is natural, but now getting it back is too! Nutrafol is the number one natural supplement proven to regrow hair in women and men. Each capsule contains specially selected supplements your body needs to kickstart healthy hair restoration naturally!

Why buy Nutrafol from Indian Hills?

Sure, you can buy Nutrafol from your favorite Sephora, but how do you know it’s really working? Our specialists are experts when it comes to tracking our patients’ progress throughout every treatment plan. We also have access to advanced tools and techniques to enhance your hair growth even further!

When you use Nutrafol in Tuscaloosa, our team at Indian Hills is behind you every step of the way. With clinical insights and treatments like NeoGraft and PRP for hair loss, our professionals provide the unique, effective treatment everyone deserves.

    nutralfol in tuscaloosa
    nutralfol in tuscaloosa

Our Approach

Committing to personal care to regain your natural hair is an important decision, and the team at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery believes in respecting that decision. Our aesthetics center in Tuscaloosa does this by delivering compassionate care, comprehensive treatment education, and exceptional results for all patients.

Our Approach  Dr. Chelsea Wallace


Pricing at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery

The cost of your Nutrafol in Tuscaloosa shouldn’t be a mystery. Transparency matters, and we believe patients should know beforehand how certain procedures will impact them financially.

Build your plan with pricing options provided by our staff.

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The hair you’ve been waiting for.

Nutrafol at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery in Tuscaloosa gives our patients the healthy hair they’ve been dreaming of.

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