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Get Your Hands on Medical Skincare Products in Tuscaloosa

How many different drugstore skincare products have you tried with no success? We’ll answer first: seemingly infinite! Although these less expensive products can contain the same incredible ingredients that professional skincare products do, to our misfortune, there is a significantly lower concentration. 

This doesn’t mean that drugstore products are necessarily bad for us, it just means they’re not working as effectively and giving us what we need—real results! With our array of medical skincare products in Tuscaloosa, you can finally start to notice the results you’ve been working toward. 

What is medical-grade skincare? 

Medical-grade skincare is a term for skincare products that contain high concentrations of the active ingredients that help our skin, such as salicylic acid, niacinamides, vitamin C, and so on. 

This type of skincare targets more specific skin concerns than drugstore products, such as fine lines and wrinkles. There is also greater absorption of the product, allowing it to penetrate deeper layers of the skin. 

An important note on medical-grade products is they need to be used as directed. Some ingredients, such as certain acids, can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you work with a skin care specialist in Tuscaloosa—like the Indian Hills team—you won’t have to worry about researching all this information on your own!

Visit your skincare specialist near Fayette

If you’re ready to take your skin health to the next level, we’d love to support you. When you come to Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, you’ll be taken along a comprehensive care journey. Here’s what that looks like. 

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Your journey will begin with a consultation. In the safe space we have cultivated, you can share your skin concerns, goals, and anything you’ve tried in the past. Your honesty and openness will help us make more informed decisions on your skin care plan.

Individualized care plan

During this part of our process, we’ll take everything you shared with us and what we learned about your skin to build your individual care plan. Our skin care experts will recommend  medical-grade products—like a cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serum to help you reach your skin goals. 

At-home skincare regimen

This is probably the hardest part—keeping up with the skincare regimen we built while you’re at home. If you’ve ever heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet and exercise, this is sort of like that. 80% of your skincare journey is what you’re doing at home! Cleanse, moisturize, apply SPF, and any other more specialized medical skincare products we recommend. We know you can do it! 

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Follow-up appointments

As your Tuscaloosa skin care specialists who genuinely care, we will schedule follow-up appointments to check in and see how your skin is doing. If you have any new concerns or you feel like something isn’t working, let us know and we can adjust your plan.  

Get in touch 

Contact us or schedule a consultation to learn more about our medical skincare products.

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