Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Tuscaloosa

The Most Effective Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Tuscaloosa

Snake oil salesmen have been hawking elixirs and remedies for hair loss since the founding fathers were rocking powdered wigs. So, if you’re fed up with fads and quick fixes, you’re not the first! At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we’re here to provide tried-and-true hair loss solutions backed by the most advanced aesthetics breakthroughs. Get in the know about our effective non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa!

The Roots of Hair Loss

Before we discuss any solutions at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we get to the root of your concerns with a one-on-one consultation. In one in-depth conversation, we’ll get to know you on a personal and clinical level. If you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen! Schedule your appointment to get personalized insights from our specialists.

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Talking about your hair loss can be a pretty difficult conversation to have, so it’s okay if you’re not ready right away! Here’s how we tackle the tough topics and build your plan for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa.

What’s on the Outside

Many of our consultations start by identifying concerns on the surface of your scalp. We’ll look into any scabbing, dryness, or patchy hair growth. By clearly identifying and describing the concerns we see on the surface, our specialists can dig deeper to find the right solution for you.

We believe in education just as much as results at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery. That’s why we won’t just tell you what’s holding your hair back. We’ll suggest ways to improve your scalp health in daily life! If your scalp is stressed out, we’ll likely suggest changing up your hairstyle or loosening that snapback a notch or two. Just a few small changes can make a big difference for the future of your hair!


What’s on the Inside

With a clear picture of your scalp and hair health, we focus on the big picture to optimize your non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa. Believe it or not, your diet, lifestyle, and job can all have an impact on the overall health of your hair! But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Here are three internal factors that may be causing your hair concerns:


If your job, spouse, kids, or in-laws make you want to pull out your hair, we can’t stop you. But we can help your body regulate the stress hormones that can cause your hair to fall out. 

In a Harvard University study, chronic stress impacted levels of the hormone corticosterone. A lack of this hormone locked hair in the resting phase of growth. This, in turn, led to less hair growth while prematurely causing hair to fall out. The stress hormone isn’t the only hormone related to hair loss, though!


Both men and women can experience hair loss due to hormonal imbalances. Typically, this is linked back to the sex hormone, but there are several more factors at play. Hormones are used throughout your body to regulate many different processes. Since hormones are interconnected, it’s crucial that we focus on the impact one hormone has on the others.

That’s why we focus on improving your processes and letting your body regulate hormones naturally. Cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, and more all affect the growth cycle and strength of your hair. To regulate this, our approach to non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa focuses on improving how your body processes nutrients.


There’s a great deal of science behind how your metabolism affects growth throughout your body. But to keep the science simple, we’ll focus on the fuel that makes your body work. Glucose is the driving force that keeps your body moving. So, when glucose levels are out of whack, so is your hair growth! 

By giving your body what it needs to sustain and optimize natural processes, our solutions get to the root of your concerns. You may just be concerned about thinning and balding. But we truly believe that when it comes to non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa, what’s on the inside matters! That’s why we’ve carefully selected each treatment to promote true, lasting results.


Solutions Backed by Science

At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, Dr. Chelsea Wallace leads our team with a deep understanding of medical concepts that you won’t find at just any medspa. She’s carefully selected each of our options for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa to truly improve the overall health and confidence of our patients. Here’s how each of our options can work to naturally regrow your hair:


Every patient who begins their hair restoration journey with us starts by optimizing their inner health with nutraceuticals selected just for them. A nutraceutical is any product derived from food that has nutritional value for your natural processes. Our approach to non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa uses Nutrafol, an industry-leading nutraceutical, to improve more than just your hair growth.


Our specialists highly recommend Nutrafol to restore your hair by using your natural processes! This nutraceutical supplement includes 5 unique formulas and boosters to address nutrient imbalances that result in hair loss. These compounds are designed to address concerns for men and women of all ages and conditions.

To experience the full benefits of Nutrafol, we’ll help you select the right formula based on your consultation. We’ll also optimize your dosage and provide additional recommendations to improve your diet. With expert guidance and clinically proven ingredients, Nutrafol is the most popular option for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa we offer!


As we build optimal internal health with Nutrafol, our additional solutions take a comfortable, non-invasive approach to regrow your natural hair! Gone are the days of painful plucking and replacement! At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, comfort and results are equally important. Our most non-invasive option available sheds a new light on natural hair growth!

Light Therapy

Low level light therapy is a completely non-invasive option that many of our patients use as they experience advanced hair restoration for the first time. Essentially, red light therapy delivers a specific wavelength directly to the scalp to jumpstart natural cell turnover and hair growth. 

By stimulating the natural blood circulation throughout your scalp, hair can naturally come back in just a few regular treatments! Every treatment is completely painless, takes under an hour, and has absolutely no downtime. The only thing our specialists recommend is limiting sun exposure and stress to your scalp in between treatments. 

Next-Gen Transplants

Sometimes, supplements and therapies just aren’t enough to fully address our patients’ needs. That’s why we offer the most advanced hair transplant option available! Transplanting is one of our most effective options for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa. But this isn’t just some quick cut-and-paste! With NeoGraft, we’re introducing the next generation of hair transplants to achieve maximum results.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Our next-generation device utilizes fully automatic follicular unit extraction (FUE) and implantation to precisely redistribute healthy hair throughout your scalp. This eliminates any inefficiencies related to manual extraction. NeoGraft provides the most effective and painless hair transplant technique possible! 

The unique extraction method allows us to source individual follicles without creating unsightly strips related to other transplants. We typically source hair follicles from the back of the neck and head. To implant your hair, our NeoGraft device uses fine needles to place follicles precisely where your scalp needs them most. Each session usually lasts less than an hour, and the number of necessary sessions can vary from person to person. 

Your Hair, Your Cells!

At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we believe that the keys to regrowing your real hair come from within! That’s why every option we recommend for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa uses your body to its fullest potential. Our most groundbreaking option to naturally regrow hair treats thinning and balding at the cellular level!

PRP for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, uses your blood cells to jumpstart hair growth through strategic injections! The science behind PRP is based on the natural wound-healing properties your body already uses. By synthesizing the most effective PRP possible, each injection promotes healthy cell growth below the surface of your scalp.

To regenerate your hair, PRP targets dermal papilla cells to create new hair follicles and promote overall scalp health. Treatments begin with a simple blood draw and synthesis to extract platelet-rich plasma. We then carefully inject the optimal amount of plasma into pre-determined areas just below your scalp. You can expect to see improvements 2 to 3 weeks after your first treatment. However, you’ll likely need multiple sessions to meet your goals.

Restoring Confidence

Each of these options for non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa is backed by decades of scientific research. But without trusted specialists to guide you through these treatments, you won’t achieve true results! That’s why Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is proud to partner with every patient on their journey to restore their real hair. Here’s what you can expect when you trust our team to get your confidence back: 


Every treatment plan is just as unique as the people we serve. So, as we begin your initial treatment, we’ll help you build expectations and set realistic goals. Every treatment is equally focused on your comfort and results. So, our specialists will periodically check in during your treatments to ensure total comfort. 

Most treatments take less than an hour and require little to no downtime. This is a major reason why we recommend non-surgical options over surgical treatments. After years of guiding patients through long post-op recoveries, Dr. Chelsea Wallace has found that non-surgical options are more popular because they take far less time out of a patient’s busy life. 

Follow Up

Dr. Wallace’s clinical expertise allows our patients to build the most effective treatment plans over time. As you regrow your natural hair, we’ll recommend ways to further improve your results, and we’ll focus on improving the total health and beauty of your skin!

While our patients enjoy the most professional treatment, many of them will say the personal guidance they get from our team is what drives them to continuously improve!


Hair at the Hills

If you’re ready to turn the tables on thinning hair, it’s time to head for the Hills! Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is here to help regrow your real hair with the most advanced non-surgical hair restoration in Tuscaloosa. Start your journey by scheduling your appointment. To discover the right treatments for you, meet your matches with our procedure match tool.

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