Non-Surgical Aesthetics in Tuscaloosa

Redefining Non-Surgical Aesthetics

At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we’re offering more options for non-surgical aesthetics in Tuscaloosa than ever before! Dr. Chelsea Wallace brings her experience as a board-certified surgeon to provide the most advanced options available. Our unique approach redefines non-surgical aesthetics for hundreds of patients in Alabama and beyond. So, learn how we can redefine your beauty with this quick read! 

Non-Surgical (adj.)

Our approach prioritizes options that are as minimally invasive as possible. Surgery typically requires lengthy treatments with permanent results and long recovery times. That’s why we recommend solutions with short treatments, little to no downtime, and compounding results!

Aesthetics (noun)

When you think of aesthetics, what comes to mind? There’s only so much that a haircut and makeup can do. Even your trusty makeup palette can’t stack up to truly healthy, radiant skin. While we’re happy to help everyone look their best, this is anything but a typical trip to the salon! 

Indian Hills Plastic Surgery (us)

Dr. Wallace has been a trusted authority for surgical aesthetic solutions for years. But as non-surgical aesthetics in Tuscaloosa evolved, she began to include options like injectables, skincare products, and more in our practice! Here’s what defines every treatment you’ll experience at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery:

Surgical Precision

Whether we’re restoring hair naturally, or smoothing out fine lines, every treatment at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is performed with the highest level of training possible. Our entire team stays up-to-date with training and best practices to continue delivering the most accurate and effective treatments possible!


Clinical Expertise

You won’t find our options on the shelves of any local beauty store! From the first FDA-approved microneedling device to clinically proven skincare products, every option comes clinically trusted in our office. Get professional-quality treatments and advice in one place with us!

Quality Results

While some may opt for the most readily available options, our practice focuses on true, lasting quality. This is apparent in every treatment plan we work to build. Instead of simply selling non-surgical aesthetics options in Tuscaloosa, we take the time to get to know our patients and guide them before, during, and after every treatment.

Redefine Your Beauty

If you’re ready to experience the next level of non-surgical aesthetics in Tuscaloosa, getting started is easy! Schedule your appointment online in just a few clicks, or get personalized recommendations in seconds with our procedure match tool!

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