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When you think about a medspa, what comes to mind? Relaxing aromatherapy, hot stone massages, and thick white robes are all typical hallmarks of a great spa. But how do you know if you’re really getting the best treatment for you? At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we combine years of medical experience with the most advanced aesthetic treatments in the world. Dive in to learn what sets us apart from other medspa in Tuscaloosa!

Surgical Precision, Personal Service

Indian Hills Plastic Surgery takes a unique approach to providing the best care for every patient that comes through our door! We blend the best of extensive clinical training and personal understanding to build every unique treatment plan. That’s why we get to know our patients on a level that’s deeper than just their immediate concerns. 

Our team focuses on doing the right thing for our patients, not selling high-priced treatments. No matter what brings you in, we’ll address every concern with a fully customized treatment plan. We’ve carefully selected every single treatment in our lineup, so let’s go over what makes us more than just a medspa in Tuscaloosa.

Part Med

Who you trust with your treatment matters. So, why would you go to a medspa that doesn’t have medically trained professionals? Dr. Chelsea Wallace, our founder, is a proud Alabaman and completed her first medical degree right here in Tuscaloosa! 



She finished her undergrad at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide), then graduated summa cum laude from the UAB School of Medicine. After finishing her Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency at the University of Kentucky, Chelsea built a successful career as a board-certified surgical authority in her community. All of her devotion and training power every advanced solution our medspa in Tuscaloosa recommends.

Professional Injections

The Medical Board of Alabama requires injections like Botox, dermal fillers, and Sculptra to be performed by a licensed physician. Our state holds some of the highest standards for medical aesthetics in the nation. Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is proud to provide the most detailed clinical insights for anyone considering injections.

Clinical Scar Treatments

Dr. Wallace has spent years in the surgical ward restoring confidence in her patients. Chelsea’s no stranger to scar revision, which is why our nonsurgical treatments are so carefully curated! With options like SkinPen and Sofwave, we treat the root causes of scarring to promote true rejuvenation for years to come. You won’t find skilled hands like ours at just any medspa in Tuscaloosa!

Extraordinary Hair Restoration 

Our skilled staff is also fluent in follicles! For anyone seeing a little more scalp than they’d like, Indian Hills Plastic Surgery has clinically proven treatments for hair restoration. We trust NeoGraft hair transplant technology for minimally invasive, impactful transformations. However, not everyone needs a transplant!


That’s why we also recommend options like Nutrafol and PRP injections! Both use our patients’ own biology to revive hair growth naturally. For clinical advice, expertise, and precision, Indian Hills puts the med in medspa in Tuscaloosa. But how does our spa experience stack up? 

All Spa

While we have so much clinical expertise powering our treatment plans, we bring a personal touch to every personal concern. We understand there’s an emotional side of every concern we treat in our office. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide expert care in a compassionate, comfortable environment. 

Dr. Wallace firmly believes that patients deserve to be treated with expert care without pressure or gimmicky sales. As you experience Indian Hills Plastic Surgery for yourself, every visit includes a smile and personalized guidance from our friendly providers! Here are some of the ways we treat our patients to a spa-like experience:

Botox Buddies!

At any medspa in Tuscaloosa, Botox injections aren’t a one-shot solution! It takes multiple sessions and careful planning to fully see results. That’s why Indian Hills Plastic Surgery helps our patients build a timeline and a plan for every treatment. Providing peace of mind in every appointment helps our patients relax and enjoy their visit in total comfort.


A Sof-er Touch

Not many medspas in Tuscaloosa can provide pain-free approaches that get incredible results. But at Indian Hills, we trust the most noninvasive, effective solutions in the world! With Sofwave’s SUBERB™ technology, we can provide deep healing without damaging your skin. 

Each Sofwave treatment typically takes less than an hour, and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of your day with no downtime required. Spa-like treatments don’t have to take an entire day anymore! Our patients enjoy convenience, quality, and care that’s totally unique to our medspa in Tuscaloosa.

Professional-Grade Skincare

We even provide options for clinical-grade skincare as well! In our office, everyone can get personalized advice from our staff for ways to upgrade their daily skincare routine. At home, we always encourage our patients to reach out if they ever have any questions about their products. At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we don’t just sell beauty products, we also provide support whenever our patients need it. That’s something you won’t find at just any medspa in Tuscaloosa!


Elevate Your Experience

Now that you know what sets us apart from other medspas, let’s share the details that elevate every experience at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery. If you’re visiting us for the first time, we’ll start your appointment with an easy, relaxed consultation. Before every visit, patients can talk with Dr. Wallace or any of our team for advice on their ongoing treatment or new considerations. Here’s how we talk it out!

Talking It Out

In your consultation, it’s best not to hold anything back. Let us know how you’re feeling, what’s got you stressed, or something troublesome you’re seeing. We may be highly educated, but we’re still people too! Our team brings a personalized approach to professional aesthetics. So, let us know everything you’re going through to help us treat you right! 

Treating You Right

In your consultation, we’ll provide you with clinical insights into your skin, hair, and more. This ensures that you get just what the Dr. ordered! We’ll help you decide on an ideal treatment plan based on your schedule, goals, and preferences. Our practice has an array of specialties with very different treatment plans. So, let’s take a brief look at our most popular solutions. 



At some medspas in Tuscaloosa, there’s very little time or talk when you’re in for a regular Botox, Sculptra, or dermal filler injection. We believe that even simple treatments deserve time and planning to get true results. That’s why we take the time to talk about every procedure! 

Dr. Wallace or another qualified staff member will walk you through every planned injection, from your initial appointment to your routine follow-up. This ensures that your results can compound with every visit. Treatments can start the same day of your consultation, take less than an hour, and you can expect results just a few days after your first treatment! Convenience, care, and quality are all hallmarks of every patient’s experience at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery.

Skin Rejuvenation

Sometimes, injectables aren’t enough to provide you with the results you deserve. That’s why we also offer advanced skin rejuvenation treatments. Our powerful tools provide deep, lasting rejuvenation with very little pain and recovery time. Here’s what you can expect from these solutions:


This is microneedling like you’ve never seen before! We’ll begin your session by applying numbing cream, if desired, and answering any questions. In just 30 minutes, SkinPen jumpstarts collagen production and gets rid of debris and dead skin cells. After your treatment, you can get back to your day without skipping a beat! We’ll apply clinical-grade skincare to protect your skin and schedule your next follow-up before you leave.



The next revolution in scar revision is here. Every Sofwave session begins with a brief check-in as a specialist applies ultrasound gel to your treatment areas. Throughout your session, you may feel a slight warming sensation, but that’s about it! 

As you relax in comfort, Sofwave uses highly specialized ultrasound technology to disrupt the cellular structure just beneath your skin. This improves collagen production and promotes flawless skin rejuvenation in less than an hour with no downtime. Good luck finding tech like this at just any medspa in Tuscaloosa!

Hair Restoration

Our most popular treatments lately have focused on improving follicle counts! Indian Hills Plastic Surgery offers the ultimate hair restoration solutions for everyone tired of hiding under a hat. For mild cases of alopecia, we recommend starting with Nutrafol. We’ll help you choose from 5 different formulas and work with you to build a timeline for results based on your unique condition.

For more severe cases, we may recommend NeoGraft hair restoration. This treatment uses a unique FUE transplant method to precisely extract and replace hair follicles with the least pain and most effective results possible. In some cases, we can also introduce PRP injections to empower your hair growth even further! Learn more about our hair restoration options in our related reading.

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Following Up

No matter what’s in store for you at Indian Hills, we always keep up with our patients to provide truly personalized service. Following every visit, you’ll get personalized instructions to maintain your results, and you’ll have reliable access to our team for answers to any questions between appointments! Our commitment to care is what makes Indian Hills Plastic Surgery one of the most well-respected medspas in Tuscaloosa.


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