PRP for Hair Loss

Natural Results With PRP for Hair Loss

What if we told you that the key to unlocking your hair growth is within your own body? Before you write us off as mad scientists, hear us out! The most advanced way to regrow natural hair has arrived in Alabama. At Indian Hills, we pair proven science with the personal care you deserve. So jumpstart your journey to natural results with PRP for hair loss in Tuscaloosa.

What is PRP?

PRP is clinically referred to as platelet-rich plasma. This plasma is derived from your blood cells and is currently on the cutting edge of cosmetic science for everything from facials to hair restoration. While this method is still being clinically reviewed to prove its efficacy, our specialists trust the science behind this remarkable treatment.

Scientifically Speaking…

Platelet-rich plasma is made up of two key parts. Platelets are the cells that activate and accelerate healing processes in your body. Plasma is the liquid portion of this compound that acts as a vehicle for these cells. While platelets are mostly known for their clotting abilities, they also contain growth factors that stimulate tissue regeneration, trigger cell reproduction, and promote wound healing everywhere in your body. 

What All That Means to You

PRP is simply blood that contains more platelets than normal. By using a clinical process to optimize samples of your PRP, we harness your natural processes to regrow real hair! With a series of injections throughout specifically targeted areas on your scalp, your body turns the tables on growth-limiting factors for a healthier scalp and a new crop of follicles. This may all sound very sci-fi, but your phone was too at one time! The future of follicle restoration is now with PRP for hair loss in Tuscaloosa.

Treatment Process

Every step of your process to progress at Indian Hills includes a detailed plan built by our experienced specialists. Everyone’s journey to fuller hair using PRP for hair loss in Tuscaloosa starts with a conversation. Here’s what you can expect throughout your experience at Indian Hills:


Talking about hair loss is often a touchy subject. That’s why Dr. Wallace and the rest of our team take the time to learn about the whole you. We’ll discuss your current health, your lifestyle, and your vision for the future of your beauty. We also make sure you’re aware of every cost before we begin the process. Transparency matters at Indian Hills for every treatment, including PRP for hair loss in Tuscaloosa. 


After your initial consultation, we’ll plan your first set of sessions. Since your body goes through a lot to grow your natural hair, we take great care to plan every step of the way. The number of sessions is different for everyone, but we typically recommend 3 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Each session takes about an hour and requires no downtime.


Your session will start with a small blood draw. We measure out these blood samples and put them through a centrifuge to separate out the PRP. Next, we’ll draw the PRP with a syringe and inject it into pre-planned areas in the scalp. In less than an hour, your injections are complete, and you can get back to your day! Before you leave, we’ll schedule your follow-up appointments and share aftercare instructions with you.


After your initial session, you’ll start to see results in about 2 weeks. Throughout your initial 3 sessions, we’ll monitor your progress and plan for additions to improve your results even further. After your initial injections, we suggest regular maintenance every 4 to 6 months. We also suggest ways to improve your PRP for hair loss in Tuscaloosa with Nutrafol or light therapy. We could talk your ear off about the amazing transformations we see every day. But to see results for yourself, it’s time to experience brighter bama beauty!

Regrow Your Real Hair

Start your journey to fuller hair and a fuller life with Indian Hills! Book your consultation today, or see what could be with our procedure match tool. We’re excited to empower your natural beauty with your natural cells!