Liquid Facials in Tuscaloosa

Better Beauty From the Inside Out: Our Liquid Facials in Tuscaloosa

At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we see facials differently. Instead of just focusing on what’s on the outside, our team believes that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Using Dr. Wallace’s medical experience and the most advanced formulas in the world, we’re redefining liquid facials in Tuscaloosa. While traditional options only treat the surface of your skin, our options go deeper to build better beauty naturally. Go in-depth with our specialists to learn about your options!

What’s on the Inside

A strong foundation is crucial to brighter beauty for everyone. That’s why we start with what’s on the inside when it comes to your complete liquid facial in Tuscaloosa. These are the formulas we trust to build the best foundation for true beauty:

Botox & Dysport

Those lines aren’t going anywhere unless you’re willing to do something about them! While typical liquid facials in Tuscaloosa may use great ingredients, fine lines will always come back. That’s why our comprehensive plans start by addressing the big concerns first.

With Botox and Dysport, we can address deeper issues before spending time on the surface of your skin. To keep the science simple, these injections work to relax the muscles that are constantly contracting throughout your face. In this relaxed state, your skin smooths out naturally. These are some of the most common additions to our liquid facials in Tuscaloosa, as everyone deserves to have healthy, smooth skin.

Dermal Fillers

To dive even deeper to bring your inner beauty out, your specialist at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery may recommend dermal fillers. We use these injections to address concerns that Botox and Dysport can’t. Decreased facial volume, deep acne scars, and more can be treated in less than an hour with just a few injections.


Like Botox and Dysport, this is a common recommendation before we address surface concerns throughout your complete liquid facial in Tuscaloosa. With smoother, healthier skin below the surface, our recommended formulas work faster and last longer. Indian Hills Plastic Surgery continuously strives to bring the most effective innovations as a trusted provider for thousands of patients.

Outside the Box Skincare

If you thought our liquid facials in Tuscaloosa meant a day at the spa, think again. Instead, our transformative options can be done from the comfort of your own home! Before you start running that bubble bath or schedule that babysitter, talk to a specialist to include clinically proven formulas in your next at-home spa day.

Skinceuticals Anti-Aging Skin System

Our specialists trust this liquid facial in Tuscaloosa to help prevent signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. This full-day regimen includes a mini C E Ferulic as well as full sizes of A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced and Resveratrol B E. These proven products come together for total environmental protection in every season.

Neocutis Bio Cream Firm

Don’t have time for a full regimen? Indian Hills Plastic Surgery has your back! We recommend this powerful little bottle to turn the tables on aging by improving tone and texture and tightening sagginess. This little bottle packs a punch with proprietary peptides that support collagen and elastin production. With just one extra step to your daily routine, this addition to your complete liquid facial in Tuscaloosa is the gift that keeps on giving to your natural beauty.

Revision Ritual Full Regimen

For patients looking for maximum results, we recommend the ultimate ritual. This complete regimen from Revision targets every visible sign of aging and improves the overall health of your skin to prevent further damage. This is one of the most complete liquid facials in Tuscaloosa that our patients can enjoy right at home. 

With this complete regimen, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of a clinical facial every day! Powerful peptides, age-defying antioxidants, and more advanced compounds all come together to provide one of the most complete clinical liquid facials in Tuscaloosa. The best part—you can get it delivered! 

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Find the Liquid Facial for You

To build your complete liquid facial in Tuscaloosa, see what could be at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery! Get matched with the right treatments for you with our virtual tool, and when you’re ready, we’re here to build your custom plan. 

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