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Your Top Options for Skin Rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa

Achieving the best natural beauty in Alabama takes more than just good genes! That’s why Indian Hills Plastic Surgery is happy to partner with thousands of patients on their journey to better beauty. Our specialists are driven to provide the most comprehensive plans possible, so let’s discuss your best options for skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa! Keep scrolling to learn about our advanced technology, tried and true techniques, and everything in between.

Better Skin With Botox

To give your beauty the boost it deserves, your skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa starts below the surface. Botox is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world for a reason! Here’s how we smooth things over with this amazing injectable:

Better skin starts with…

Botox treatments at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery are just as comfortable as they are simple. Before any needles come out, we start things off with an in-depth consultation. In our one-on-one conversation, your specialist will dive deep into your skin’s overall health and quality. We’ll also discuss things like your lifestyle, concerns, and goals. With everyone on the same page, you’re ready to start your skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa!

The Science Behind Botox

Better skin starts with tried and true science. The driving force behind Botox is clinically known as botulinum toxin type A. Botox uses the purified variant of this powerful neurotoxin derived from bacteria. Carefully planned injections block the nerve signals to targeted muscles, which then stop muscles from contracting. By relaxing facial muscles, your skin naturally erases lines and wrinkles.


The unique properties of Botox make it useful for many facial concerns. In addition to facial lines and wrinkles, Botox is also effective for skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. With a technique referred to as microtoxin injection, microdroplets of Botox can be injected to reduce pore size, sebum production, rosacea, acne, and fine lines. 

What to Expect

After a thorough consultation, we’ll determine a set amount of Botox units to meet your specific goals. On the day of your appointment, you’ll check in at our front desk and be escorted to a comfortable treatment room. There, we’ll plan your injection sites and provide you with a treatment price quote prior to starting. Each injection takes only minutes, so in less than half an hour, you’re ready to take on the rest of your day! The simplicity and effectiveness of this treatment make it one of our most popular options for skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. 

Ride the Sofwave

One of the most advanced technologies making waves in the aesthetics industry is Sofwave! This cutting-edge treatment uses ultrasound energy to improve the quality of your skin at the cellular level. Here’s how you can experience the next generation of skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa:

Advanced Rejuvenation

Sofwave improves collagen production, cellular turnover, and overall skin quality with every treatment. Our highly skilled hands and advanced technology come together to address common skin concerns in just one treatment. To accomplish total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa, Sofwave helps with:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Short-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  • Treatment of acne scars
  • Improving the appearance of skin laxity on the upper arms

SUPERB Technology

Using Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology, Sofwave provides safe and effective resurfacing throughout the treatment area. This treatment delivers powerful ultrasound energy to the mid-dermis via seven stable transducers. This allows optimal energy absorption and maximum efficiency throughout this skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa.


In each treatment, Sofwave promotes two natural collagen regeneration processes: neo-collagenesis and neo-elastinogenesis. These are the driving forces behind the generation of healthy skin cells deep within the skin. The ultrasound energy used in this treatment is safe for all skin types and completely noninvasive. To dig deeper into the science and success of Sofwave, read our latest feature!

Experience Sofwave

What to Expect

To begin your skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa with Sofwave, we’ll start with a thorough analysis of your current conditions and concerns. During this consultation, we’ll focus on the overall quality of your skin to determine if you’re a good candidate for Sofwave.


On the day of your appointment, we’ll answer any last-minute questions and apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. Throughout the treatment, patients typically feel a slight warming sensation. This is due to the heat energy from Sofwave’s ultrasound beams. 

In less than an hour, your Sofwave treatment is complete, and you can get back to your day! Results can take up to 12 weeks to surface, so you can expect to see continued improvement for 3 months after your initial treatment. Depending on your specific concerns, we may recommend up to 2 treatments to achieve ideal results.

Elevate Your Skincare

At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to provide the most advanced techniques for skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. However, there’s no substitute for clinical-grade skincare to support the best skin of your life every day! To give your skin the treatment it deserves, get to know the brands our specialists trust with their own skincare routine:


Elta’s formulas date all the way back to the 1800s! In rural Switzerland, a powerful healing ointment was passed down by farmers for generations. Over 200 years later, Elta’s founder set out to share this Swiss secret with the world. His products soon became the specialists’ choice in hospitals, burn centers, and rehabilitation clinics worldwide. 

Today, EltaMD continues to lead the aesthetics industry with scientifically proven formulas found in cleansers, sunblock, moisturizers, and more.


Strong heritage and extensive research are behind every product provided by Neocutis. With so many great products, we often recommend Neocutis when it comes to complete skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. At the core of every solution provided by Neocutis are natural growth factors and proprietary peptides crafted to energize, rejuvenate, and restore the appearance of skin like never before.


One of our favorite brands for true skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa is devoted to disrupting the status quo of skincare. Revision bases every innovation on clinical trials and uncompromising quality. Behind every product on our shelves is years of testing based on pharmaceutical protocols. 

That means every solution Revision shares is developed with similar study and scrutiny as modern prescriptions. With award-winning skincare products and continuous study from top aesthetic experts worldwide, it’s no wonder that Revision is one of our most popular brands.


This addition to our star-studded lineup of brands brings over four decades of research and development to every product we use for total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. Dr. Sheldon Pinnell is the founder and driving force behind the groundbreaking developments we provide to our patients.

Dr. Pinnell’s peer-reviewed research led to the Duke University antioxidant patent. This patent remains the gold standard for topical antioxidant formulas and can only be found in SkinCeuticals products. These exclusive formulas and expertly crafted compounds are available to every patient who trusts our practice with their total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa.


What started as a more effective approach to sunscreen turned into a whole lot more throughout the entire array of Supergoop! products. By prioritizing clean ingredients, protection, and potency, every Supergoop! offering adds value to our patients’ total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. 

With so many options, Supergoop! promotes UV protection and a whole lot more! Everything from their morning moisturizer to their shimmery eyeshadow is changing the way people are looking at SPF. We’re proud to offer some of the industry’s most natural, effective formulas, because the best skin of your life deserves the best protection possible all year round.


One of the most innovative brands we trust for total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa brings a new way to achieve brighter eyes! Sagging eyelids are often overlooked when our patients think about rejuvenating their look. But Upneeq is changing the way our patients look at their blepharoptosis.

With just one eye drop daily, Upneeq works to rejuvenate your eyelids for a brighter, more beautiful look! To enjoy brighter beauty throughout your entire skincare plan, our practice is proud to provide the most innovative options and brands on the market. 

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“What’s right for me?”

This is a common question we get in every consultation when discussing total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa. Since everyone’s conditions and goals are unique, we start by identifying what’s important to you. Our consultation is a great way to get to know the right options for you with expert advice throughout your journey to brighter beauty.


To start, our specialists will ask about your current concerns and discuss your medical history. From there, we’ll do a deep dive into the health of your skin and give you clinical insights regarding the current health of your skin. With everyone on the same page, we can discuss the options listed above and determine what’s right for you based on your preferences. At Indian Hills Plastic Surgery, we prioritize our patient’s desires just as much as their results.

Total Skin Rejuvenation Starts Here

With so many amazing options for total skin rejuvenation in Tuscaloosa, it can be hard to decide where to begin! Start your journey to total beauty with a conversation at Indian Hills Plastic Surgery. Schedule your in-person consultation, or browse your options with our procedure match tool.

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